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All massage is carried out using feet, this is a no hands massage technique, a real barefoot massage. This technique was devised by Mari Evans and Sue Kent over a period of years and is unique to Enjoyfeet Limited

The room pictured on the web site is in Swansea. Sue Kent has an upper limb disability, please check our website for further information and pictures of Sue.

Floor based massage couch

When you come for your massage appointment within the time frame there will be a consultation to collect your personal details and note any relevant health and medical history. You can ask any question you have about the treatment, if this is your first massage I'll talk you through exactly what will happen and everything you need to know.

We will ask you the reasons you are seeking a massage treatment.

The most common reasons for getting a massage are:
General Relaxation
Relieve Sore or Tight Muscles
Relieve Tension Headaches
Recovery from Sports Activity
General Health and Fitness
Improve Circulation
Complement to Other Health Care

It is important that you are comfortable during the massage, and that you know your options.  Discuss with the therapist any concerns you have.

Body massage modesty - In a standard massage session, you will be draped with a sheet or large towel.  You may choose to be totally or partially unclothed under the drape.  As each part of the body is being massaged, it is uncovered.  Genitals will be covered at all times.  Some people prefer to wear some underclothing during a massage.  Feel free to ask about the draping method to be used, and let the therapist know what you are comfortable with. 

Massage can be given through clothing, this is a slightly different technique, more direct pressure on specific points of muscular tension than the gliding techniques of standard swedish massage. Please indicate before booking if you would prefer this option.

Sexual Impropriety- Inappropriate behaviour such as lewd comments or sexual requests will not be tolerated.  Upon the occurrence of such inappropriate behaviour, the therapist will let you know that it is neither appreciated nor permissible.  If such behaviour continues the massage session will be ended, You will be asked to dress and leave the premises and you will be expected to pay for the massage, whether or not it was finished.

For Body Massage - Oil is commonly used to enable the therapist's feet to glide over the skin without causing chaffing or pulling hair.  Please inform us of any allergies you may have which might be aggravated by the lubricant used. 

Massage of the face, scalp or neck - may result in disturbing your makeup or hair-style. If this is a concern the technique will be modified or left out altogether.

Restrictions - There are certain situations in which caution should be taken before receiving therapeutic massage.  It is generally agreed upon that persons with uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart disease, recent surgery or fractures, phlebitis, fever and other problem conditions should consult their doctors for any restrictions on receiving massage.  In some cases, limited restrictions apply, and in rare cases, massage should be avoided altogether.  If in doubt, consult your health care provider or doctor.


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