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News - 2017


Thalidomide conference Loughborough March 18th & 19th

Swansea Half Marathon 25th June 2017 @


London Massage Date : November 15th

Thalidomide London Conference November 25th and 26th 2016

Swansea 10K September 18th

Parallel London Fully Inclusive Run 4th September - join in !!

London Massage date: January 26th 2016

Square Peg Talk Swansea: January 28th 2016

London Massage Date: 22 & 23 February 2016

Teaching at Gower College, Swansea March 10th 2016

Fit for the Future conference Loughborough April 15/16/17

London Massage Date:: April 25th & 26th 2016

London Massage Date: May 18th & 19th

Reading Carers week event June 9th

London Massage Date: June 29th

Swansea Half Marathon June 26th

London Massage Date August 9 & 10

London Massage Date: September 20th & 21st


London Massage date for November 17th & 18th 2015 Booking now

London Massage date for October 28th & 29th 2015 Booking now

London Massage : Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th September

Dorney Lake ParaTri 9th August - I am competing not working, I must be insane.

Swansea Half Marathon - Sunday June 14th 2015

London massage by feet date for June 10th & 12th

London massage by feet date for May - 20 & 21

Tour Of Pembrokeshire - Saturday 25th April 2015

Swansea 10K - Sunday, September 20th 2015




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Foam Roller- Myofascial Release -@

Relaxing rounded shoulders - @

Spinal Cord and Sciatic Nerve Flossing - @

Lower Back pain & hip mobility- @

Ulna nerve Flossing (4 & 5 finger) @

Radial nerve flossing @

Median nerve flossing (thumb, the index & middle finger, half the ring finger) @


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Sue Kent Media

ITV Wales @ December 2016

Channel4 Triathlon and Endurance Series @

September 2015

BBC Radio Wales Elerie Sion Show

March 2014

Swansea Life

July 2013

Disability Now

February 2013


November 2012 Issue

Channel4 Paralympic breakfast show

7th September 2012

The Times of India

30th August 2012

Jon Snow's Paralympic Show

27th August 2012

BBC Radio Wales Roy Noble Show Celtic C

2nd May 2012

ITV Good Morning

17th February 2012

Channel 5 News

26th January 2012

BBC Wales 22nd January 2012

Wales on Sunday

22nd January 2012

Valued Judgements BBC Radio Wales

4th January 05.32 2012

Valued Judgements BBC Radio Wales

1st January 14.03 2012

Sporting Wales Issue 18

September 2011

Dail Mail

April 1st 2011

Western Mail

April 2nd 2011

Able Radio interview

Able Radio listen again

ITV Wales

21st March 2010

Disability Now Magazine July 2009

BBC Ouch Podcast

January 2009

Swansea Evening Post "Feet get the massage across" January 1st 2009

BBC Wales News

December 2008

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